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Procure Environmentally Sustainable Items Such As Garbage Bags, Compostable Carry Bags, Biodegradable Garbage Bag, W Cut Compostable Plastic Carry Bag, U Cut Compostable Plastic Carry Bag, Compostable Nursery Grow Bag & Garment Packaging Bag From Us.

About Us

We at Shashwat Bio-Polyplast LLP entered in the market with aims of developing increased availability of bio-plastic based packaging bags that are shopping convenient and environmentally sustainable. Sustainability is a word which means causing little to almost no damage to the environment. Over the years, this word has been used widely but not acted upon as such. As a manufacturer, retailer and third party exporter, we are committed to revolutionize the packaging industry by bringing products that are safe and suitable for all kinds of packaging. These products are Biodegradable Garbage Bag, W Cut Compostable Plastic Carry Bag, U Cut Compostable Plastic Carry Bag, Compostable Nursery Grow Bag & Garment Packaging Bag. Made from bio-based and biodegradable materials, these items are promising to handle the rising plastic pollution and have endless uses in markets.

Why Do We Need Bioplastics?

Bioplastics are those materials that can biodegrade in natural environments while leaving behind reduced carbon footprint with only biomass, water & CO2. This material is made from renewable items like sugarcane, corn and cassava. Besides having many applications for molded parts, fibers, foams, films to more, the requirement of Bioplastics is because of:

  • PLA: Poly Lactic Acids are widely re-used for industrial, recycling & compositing purposes as they are highly efficient and create a positive impact after being recycled. 
  • Environmental Impacts: This material assures reasonably low emission of CO2 in industrial processes. Also, the production of bioplastic requires only 0.02% of farmable land on the planet, as per European Bioplastic Association, which will create a long-lasting impact on our environment.
  • Plastic Menace: The average plastic bags we get from grocery stores, etc. have a very small lifespan but cause harmful environmental impacts when disposed of. They clog the drainages and entangle & kill around 100,000 marine mammals every year. Generally, 150 bags are used by an individual every year and, around 160,000 plastic bags are used every second, globally, out of which, only 1 to 3% are recycled.
  • Indian Scenario: The contribution of India for dumping the plastic waste in oceans is around 60% every year. Our country generates more than 56 Lakh Tons of plastic waste annually. Lakhs of rupees are spent to clean the affected areas. 
  • Sustainability: The PLA is both biobased & biodegradable which makes them a promising and sustainable material for reducing overall carbon footprint.


The material we use for the production of W Cut Compostable Plastic Carry Bag, Biodegradable Garbage Bag, Compostable Nursery Grow Bag, U Cut Compostable Plastic Carry Bag & Garment Packaging Bag is made from all biobased items. We are adhering to all the vital norms and policies that are set in global markets for bioplastics. Our strict policies for quality control enables us to provide genuine biobased plastic bags to our customers nationwide.

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